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Software Development

We create integrated, hi-tech solutions, following the Client in each phase of software creation, through agile methodologies (SCRUM) and Domain Driven Design.

Online Portals, Social networks, Publishing and E-commerce platforms... Whatever your core business is, we'll help you in structuring and implementing your projects with success.

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IT Consulting

Are you looking for top-level IT Talents, to amply your, or a freelance for a specific project?
We select for our network the best Frontend, Backend and Full Stack developers, Dev-Ops, Web Designers and UI Experts.
Establishing a direct connection between the Expert and the client Company, we act as intermediaries, providing in-site and remote consulting services.

You think it... we do it!

We build complete solutions for the digitalization of your daily activities, enhancing your online presence and optimizing your corporate processes.


We develop or restyle your website, landing page or portal of any kind including its concept structuring and design, personalized UI / UX, interactive features, creation and management of contents.


We develop advanced Content Management Systens, Knowledge Management Platforms, Documental tools, from Intranet Portals to Online Communities and Social Networks.

Gestionali / ERP / CRM

We digitize the management of your company process: Administration, Finance, General Management, active and passive cycles, Logistics and storage, Production and Sales.


We bring your business online, creating customized e-commerce platforms that are tailored on your commercial objectives.


We optimize your website's online ranking and organic reach, helping your activity appearing on the first pages of the most important search engines for your uppermost strategical keywords.

Brand Management

We create and extend the value of your Brand, helping you standing out from your competitors and building a clear and recognizable digital identity.

Digital Marketing

Through direct, E-mail, Funnel and Social Media marketing campaigns, we manage your advertising activities in full, adopting the most modern tools available on the market.

IT Business Operations

We perform Market Analysis Analisi, developing technical proposals for tenders, and assisting you in the creation of award-winning Business Plans for your IT projects

True Love for Technology

We adopted a wide asset of Web Technologies, both client and server side.

Keeping ourselves updated on the most innovative design patterns, we are constantly monitoring the market and researching for the best development tools.

Adalot is also an official supporter for Quanta CMS, an innovative Open Source Framework thought for modeling and creating next-generation Web Applications.

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Adalot Networks is the exclusive sponsor of Quanta, an innovative, open source Content Management Framework, useful for developing any kind of modern, next-generation web applications.


Adalot is an early adopter of Drupal, widely recognized as the most powerful and versatile Open Source CMS and Framework of the world. Powering millions of websites and applications, including those of the most important Institutions and Organizations of the world, Drupal revolutioned the way complex digital platforms are developed, offering excellent features of versatility and expandability.

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Adalot: a 360° Digital Partner

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