Work for Equity

At Adalot, we like to be partners rather than just suppliers to our clients

To us being a partner means deeply believing in your project and its cause and investing resources with the aim of turning it into a successful business. We are always looking for innovative and disruptive ideas, and that idea could be yours.

We understand that liquidity is always an obstacle, especially for ambitious startups that want to scale quickly and launch truly innovative products to the market. That's why we have created a program that allows you to save liquidity based on the Work for Equity mode: we become actual shareholders in your startup, amortizing up to 50% of its development costs and actively collaborating with enthusiasm to bring your business idea to life.

We put our know-how and network at the disposal of your startup, integrating it into our ecosystem.

The goal? Not only to reduce costs and exponentially increase our value contribution, but to help you build a strong network of partners around your project to support you on your journey to success.

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