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During the year, many universities organize meetings with companies or organizations to allow interested students to have direct interviews with company executives who offer internships, apprenticeships, or employment opportunities. 

If you are a graduate or a student, you have probably heard of Career Days, but are you sure you have received the right information to participate fully aware? 
Career days are events organized by universities to provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to meet with representatives of collaborating companies and learn more about their training programs, perhaps for the first time, entering the professional world. They are designed to help students turn their academic education into job opportunities and help companies find future talents. 

For young people, they represent a unique opportunity to network and showcase their abilities with a brilliant self-presentation. During these events, students can receive feedback on their resumes.

To have an optimal behavior and be noticed by companies during a Career Day, it is advisable to:

  • Prepare: learn about the event and the list of participating companies. Prepare an attractive resume and cover letter to present to company representatives.
  • Dress appropriately: wear professional attire to make a good impression.
  • Be proactive: try to meet with company representatives and introduce yourself professionally.
  • Show interest: show interest in job opportunities and ask for more information about company career programs.
  • Ask questions: prepare questions to ask company representatives to learn more about the work environment, training programs, and requirements to join the company.
  • Follow up: send a thank-you email after the event to show your interest in job opportunities and keep in touch with companies.

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Our experience at the Career Day of Sapienza, Rome

On the 25th of January 2023, we participated as a talent incubator at the event organized by Cesop HR Consulting Company and Career Service Sapienza at the Sapienza University campus in Rome. 

The event brought together students, graduates, and companies eager to meet face-to-face to present candidates and potential talents to be taken on board for a young and fresh work team. 

Our goal on this occasion was to find young people to train, contributing to their personal growth with a quality training path useful for acquiring professional skills, especially through advanced digital tools that help build a respectable resume for a job market that demands more and more. 
In particular, we focused on looking for HR interns, but with an eye to future positions in any department of our company, precisely to allow the most diverse profiles to apply equally, with the aim of being present in our database that, if necessary, we can use to call students or graduates looking for new experiences. 
Being in growth, both for them and for us, it is good to remain far-sighted. 

For us, therefore, the Career Day was a valuable event to meet our future collaborators. 

For the young talents, an opportunity to get involved.